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The term “pH balancing” can sound intimidating, but rest assured; it’s easy. Quick visual instructions and intuitive, on-the-spot measurements make pH balancing a breeze.

What is pH? It is the measure of the Hydrogen Ion concentration in a solution, in short, a measurement of the acidity or the bacisity of a solution. Want to put that into a little perspective? Here goes …

Coke and Orange Juice has a low pH number of 2, black coffee has a pH of 5 and pure water is bang in the middle of the scale at a pH of 7.  Baking Soda comes hits the charts at number 9, bleach is hitting the high notes with a pH of 12 and oven cleaner tops the charts with a pH of 13.

As you can see, you ideally want your water in the rather skin friendly middle part of the pH table.

This video shows you how to balance your Hot Tub water for the first time.