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Plan your pool opening

Wow, at long last it appears the earth is turning green again!  And you know what that means, pool season is just around the corner!  At Sunshine we are passionate about you loving your backyard and making sure your pool stays crystal blue and not the color of grass. To ensure this, we encourage you to think about opening your pool early and get it circulating and filtering before the warm Okanagan sun can inspire the algae to start blooming.
We have two great reasons for you to start thinking about opening pools.

  1. Any pool opening booked with us and completed by April 14th will receive a 10% discount on all opening packages and water care products used.  Use our convenient online form to book now, as these slots fill up fast!  CLICK HERE
  2. In an amazing new program this year, we are promising that if you follow our directions and use our full line of BioGuard products, you will never have a green pool again!  And in the unlikely event that in spite of this your pool looks like one from the Rio Olympics, we will provide free of charge, all the chlorine you need to bring it back to sparkling clear!  For more details please drop in to ask one of our water care experts!

How’s that for Making Pools Easy!