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Summer swings quickly into Fall, too quickly some might say! For some their outdoor season is finished and they head indoors. But, it needn’t be that way. Sunshine Pools & Hot Tubs have a solution that extends your patio season, allowing you to make the most out of those, admittedly crisper, fall evenings.

Add a flame

Nothing adds to the ambiance of an outdoor space like a flickering flame. A gas-powered firepit or fire table adds all the cozy glow of a campfire with the ease, control, and safety of gas. A firepit or fire table allows you and your friends to gather round, exactly as you would when camping. For a more traditional setting, how about an outdoor fireplace? They generate a little more heat and help create a focal at one end of your outdoor space.

Add more heat

Patio heaters take the chill out of the evening air, these are great at really extending your patio season. Used in conjunction with a firepit or fire table your friends and family can enjoy the outside in total comfort. Modern patio heaters can be sleek, stylish or even hidden subtly out of the way.

Add lighting

Finally, take your cooler evenings to the next level with some mood lighting. Sunshine Pools & Hot Tubs does not sell lighting, but there are so many lighting options available – from the subtle to the bizarre – so check out your local lighting dealer. Lights are not just for cooler nights though, a few well-placed lights can transform the look of your patio throughout the year.

Enjoy your space for longer

The Okanagan lifestyle is centered around the outdoors. By setting up your patio for cooler evenings you can enjoy your outdoor space for longer. Create a warm and inviting space for March, April, September, and October and you have added 4 additional outdoor months to your existing summer months.


Don't waste 1/3 of a year to cooler temperatures! drop by to see how we can help create the perfect outdoor space.