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Add some style

You might be forgiven for thinking that hot tubs are simply mundane plastic containers for water. Think again. Hot tub design has come a long way; not only are they more efficient, cleaner and more powerful than ever before but they are better looking too.They have come a long way and you can get creative with the

Hot Spring has a selection of colours for both the Cabinets and the Shells and these options are not confined to just the ‘top of the line’ tubs. Even the smaller 4 man ‘Bolt’ from the Limelight line up has 15 different colour way options. We created three examples for you.

The Bling (Above) – Adding a dash of golden extravagance to your back yard.

Space Grey (Below – Top) – Deep, dark and handsome.

The Minimalist – The perfect addition to your contemporary white abode.

With HotSpring’s 40th Anniversary finance event (0% Finance over 36 months) there is no better time to buy. Check out the various colour options on their tubs at the HotSpring WEBSITE,  give us a call or drop by the store for more information. The address and telephone number are on our CONTACT page.



bolt hot tub space grey


bolt hot tub minimalist