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Pool Opening

Let the experts take care of opening your pool. Three great packages for every budget and optional extras to ensure that we meet your every need.

Valet Service


The great advantage of purchasing a pool or Hot Spring hot tub from Sunshine Pools and Spas is that we take care of you for the full life cycle of your investment. Our ambition is to make your life easy, so you can count on us to provide the best, most cost effective professional service, no matter what your current needs.


With Upfront Fixed Pricing and Workmanship Warranties on everything we do, why wouldn’t you leave the worrying to us?


In addition to offering all standard services like equipment repair, liner replacements, and leak detection, we offer a wide range of specialities designed to make pool and hot tub ownership simple.



Click on one of the items below to discover what makes

purchasing a pool or hot tub from Sunshine Pools a better ownership experience.

Opening and Winterizing

More than you want to bite off? Ever had a friend or neighbour suffer the expense of an improper winterization?

Let us start up and winterize your pool or hot tub yearly. We have three levels of service available. Enquire about our economy, standard or premium service packages. Remember to book early to avoid disappointment.

Weekly and Holiday Valet Service

How great is this?

We will take care of your pool and hot tub so you don’t have to brush, vacuum, clean pumps or filters, or add water care products. Just sit back and enjoy your backyard paradise and let us do all the dirty work. We even test your water in our lab ‘for free’.

Truly a better ownership experience!

Pool Checkup

Are you concerned about your pool’s health? We can do an annual checkup to let you know the condition of your equipment. Just what the Pool Doctor ordered!

Automatic Cover Servicing

Sunshine Pools and Spas also offer a yearly Automatic Cover Cleaning & Alignment Service. Ensure your cover system is running as efficiently as possible. Regular service will lengthen the life of your Automatic Cover system.

Renovate and Update
Is it time to FUTURE PROOF your pool?

Our professional technicians can retrofit older pools with new technology to save you money and make your pool more environmentally friendly.

Heat Pumps, Salt Systems, UV Systems, Variable Speed Pumps, Automatic Covers, ORP Sense and Dispense Technology, Dechlorinization, and Natural Enzyme Water Products. These are just some of the many exciting changes happening in our industry.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Thinking of buying a property with a current pool or hot tub?

Our experts will prepare a written report which rates more than 25 areas of potential concern. We even include an estimate to repair or replace items as required.

Pool School
New to Pool or Hot Tub ownership? Confused about operating your equipment? Having problems with your water chemistry?

Just let us know and we can have one of our experts come to your house and offer a Pool School. We can teach you everything you will need to know to operate your pool or hot tub.

Don't delay. Call the experts.