winter hot tub in snow


When Winter Hits

When the snow flies you want to be prepared. Spray a decent protectant like ArmorAll on your cover to assist with snow removal and keep the lid clear of snow where possible. Preventing the pipes from freezing is as simple as placing your heat timer on a cycle, especially at night and once every twenty to thirty minutes when it is really cold. if the worst happens and you do get a freeze, drain the tub and check for cracks and leaks. 


Keeping Energy costs down

Keeping your hot tub fired up during winter is obviously going to cost a little extra money but there are some way to mitigate this. A good quality cover, that’s kept in good condition will keep the heat in. You can buy a quality, well fitted, insulated cover from us. A cheap foam insulation blanket can also be placed on the water as added protection; a further layer insulating against heat loss but also a deterrent to evaporation, reducing the chemicals required to re-balance your water.


Don’t touch that dial

Obviously keep your jets turned off when not in use and, importantly, keep an eye on your water levels. A lack of water will cause the circulator and heater to switch off, leading to freezing.

Finally. Leave that temperature control alone! Similar to your home, it is more economical to aim for a consistent heat level rather than allowing your hot tub to cool down and require heating back up again. The colder your tub, the more energy required to bring it back up to the levels you want. Aim for between 98ºF and 105ºF on your temperature dial.


Need help?

Need help with servicing your tub, ordering supplies, making a fix or testing your water? CONTACT us, we’re here to help.

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