First of all, we are sorry to hear that your pool is green. We understand that it is frustrating and time consuming to get it clean so the family can enjoy it again.

Book Swimming Pool Green to Clean Service

Due to any number of unforeseen circumstances, sometimes pool water can take an ugly turn. This usually results in your beautiful crystal clear water turning an unsightly green. This is a very disappointing and time consuming occurrence that takes great care and attention to rectify. Green pools are typically caused by low levels of sanitizer (chlorine) and poor circulation/filtration. With our Green-to-Clean service you can be sure your pool is back to normal as quickly as possible. With the circulation system in operation, our tech will assess the quality of the water and add balancers and sanitizers as needed. Following the initial visit we will brush and vacuum the pool as necessary and clean/backwash the filters.

Be mindful that this process can be labour intensive and may result in several trips to site during the process. We charge our standard maintenance rates for this process ($23/15mins), with the exclusion of the trip charge for each subsequent visit. Balancing products are an additional cost and their use will vary depending on various factors.

If the pool is full of debris extra charges will apply.

Pricing and optional add-on services will be displayed within the online booking system. 

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